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Welcome to the world of GRIMLORE, a dark fantasy adventure game for 1 to 4 players that will take you into a realm of fascinating mysteries and ancient secrets. In GRIMLORE, you will explore dungeons, delve into hidden wilderness areas, and face the challenges of rebuilt settlements and forgotten ruins brimming with secrets and dangers.

Every adventure in GRIMLORE is a journey through carefully crafted stories brought to life with rich descriptions and atmospheric details. You will encounter a variety of enemies and face challenges that test your skill, determination, and ability to collaborate. You must solve puzzles, disarm traps, and face terrifying creatures lurking in the depths of the wilderness and the chambers of dungeons.

The game combines elements of strategy with role-playing, as you develop characters with unique abilities and backstories. Every decision has consequences, and success depends both on sharp wit and courage. The goal is to discover hidden artifacts, break ancient curses, and unravel the secrets surrounding the world of GRIMLORE.

GRIMLORE takes you into a world where dark fantasy meets captivating storytelling, offering a gaming experience that is both challenging and profound. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of GRIMLORE?

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Playtest module now available for Tabletop-Simulator
Tuesday, 2024/04/23 - 14:41

You can now play GRIMLORE on Tabletop Simulator. Link to the Workshop:

Tabletop Simulator Workshop on Steam
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Secure yourself an invitation to the GRIMLORE Discord Server for Playtests and more! (8 available)

The English-language version of GRIMLORE is currently a work-in-progress.

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